I’ve Noticed a Couple of Things

ABOUT DEMOCRAT RHETORIC over the years. Things you — expecially those of you on the Extreme Left Wing (ELW) — should take note of yourself.

First, when a Democrat starts to blame deregulation for problems in the private sector, remember this is a power-mad statist struggling to hold onto power. Regulation pretty surely always harms the people at large, and certainly does harm to the putative beneficiaries.

Second, when a Democrat inveighs against tax cuts for the wealthy, hold onto your wallet. There is no way that any exaction of any amount from the so-called “rich” (Which, I assure you, includes your charming self; without regard to your actual level of income, you WILL pay any increase in taxes in some form or other.) can make the slightest dent in government budgetary deficits. General tax cuts, on the other hand, are proven — have been proven time and again — to generate prosperity.

Plus: how does targeting one class of Americans — rich, poor, black, white, yellow, red, brown, left, right, Christian, jew, muslim — BY THE GOVERNMENT — how does that comport with “…and equal justice for all”? How does the government’s taking note of any of those attributes, in the most casual manner, let alone as invidiously as the Democrats do it, comfort you? Do you imagine yourself immune somehow to that notice? That the gimlet eye of the state will never turn your way?

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