I’ve Been Saying for a Long Time

THAT RETIREMENT IS A death sentence. That was just from my opinion of all the old folks dropping on the golf course. Turns out I was righter than I knew. I never intended to retire. Even if I change careers sometime in my “golden years” it will be just that — a change, not an end. I would actually like to earn a living at writing, instead of playing at it as a hobby that occasionally pays. In the ’90s, I made a significant chunk of my income freelancing at the keyboard. Indy publishing offers the notion that I might be able to do that again and maybe more.

2 responses to “I’ve Been Saying for a Long Time

  1. Well, you know why they call it “practicing medicine,” don’t you? Because they haven’t gotten it right yet!

    I plan to retire in about two years and never, ever look back. But I won’t be idle. What kills you isn’t retirement; it’s irrelevance. As long as you’re involved with others, making a positive difference to them, you’ can live, and live well, for as long as your constitutional defects and general human limitations will permit.

    • Mark Philip Alger

      Yeah. That’s why I made that category for items about Obamacare. ‘Cause they obviously DO need the practice.

      Not sure about relevance. I see it more that Man was made to struggle, and, if you don’t struggle, it’s the difference between using the elevator or taking the stairs. Might not be the only reason you’re alive, but it’s surely one of the main ones.

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