It. Is. Up!

cvr genesis 0116DID IT! The Genesis Undertaking is uploaded to Amazon, enrolled in KDP Select and (I presume) KOLL. Registered copyright at US Copyright office. watch this space for the announcement that the eBook is live at Amazon. I encourage Dolly fans to post reviews at Amazon or GoodReads.

4 responses to “It. Is. Up!

  1. Mark Philip Alger

    AAAAnnd ’tis live and for sale. $6.99, free-on-loan to Prime members.

  2. I just bought a copy for $2.99, which was the listed price. Did it go down?

    • Mark Philip Alger

      Yes, Christopher, it did. I reduced the price almost immediately on publication, because I felt the $6.99 price probably would discourage sales, which it looks like it did. Thank you. Enjoy!

  3. I will, if it’s anything like the first book. I’m going to read it again before this one, because my memory is like swiss cheese.

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