Is #OccupyFail Trying to Rewrite the Constitution

DAVID CODREA takes a at some claims by a group asserting a desire to re-jigger the Constitution. He concludes that this not the same apparent ideology that drove the infestation of leftists that drove the OWS crowd last year. Me, I’m not so sure.

You have to start out from the premise that the Left never acts in good faith. So, if they are asserting ideals more consonant with traditional, Constitutional, liberty-ideal types than with the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist revolutionaries driving the Occupy movement, I’m more inclined to believe those are a stalking horse. There is no intent to restore the original purpose of the Republic. Rather, the drive is to get the hands of international revolution on the gavel of a constitutional convention, and thereby to rewrite the whole document from the ground up on wholly other premises with insidious and odious ends in mind.

My first clue is the assertion that the Constitution “drastically outdated”. This is not a claim I’ve ever heard from anyone who truly understands and appreciates the wisdom of the Founders. Rather, this is someone whose ideological thinking has drifted far off-course and rudderless into a Sargasso Sea of insanity. The problem is not that the Constitution is outdated, it is that the soi-disant ruling class of America has drifted far too far from that basis and is now afraid to be judged according to its lights — realizing, of course, that it (the self-nominated ruling class) would be found wanting — indeed, traitorous — by those lights.

Those who might want to find hope in this, as Codrea appears to do, should follow one bit of advice: follow the money. See what sources of financing and ideological direction this movement has before you trust it. In the words of that great sucker, Admiral Akbar — it’s a trap!

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