Incrementalism and Boiling Frogs

DOC MERCURY ADDED another entry to his Baby Steps list. This one about bar coding. Terrifying.

If they know who and where you are, it is only a little, tiny — if I may — baby step from there to being willing and able to target you for capture, imprisonment, or assassination, and finding this citizen locator tool handy for that purpose.

Think it far-fetched? Consider:

For the longest time, we were assured that the Social Security Number (SSN) would never — could never (it’s against the law, even — be used for identification purposes. That’s not what it’s meant for, they said, and left implied the notion that no one given the power of the state would ever subvert or pervert it to purposes unintended.

A small number of years back, when I told a bank officer that she had no right to ask for my SSN or to associate it with my account, she informed me that I was correct, but that the Internal Revenue Service required banks to report to it all accounts not associated with a SSN, and, if there were any earnings accrued (say, APY on a passbook account), the ENTIRE AMOUNT was to be confiscated for taxes owed and let the account holder file a tax return — and good luck proving the money was yours.

Are you getting this? No. They won’t use your SSN to identify you, but if you don’t voluntarily proffer it, you lose all property rights in what is yours.

This is in direct contravention of an ironclad provision of the Constitution — to whit, the Fourth Amendment. And you think that some murky, deliberately-gray area, some bureaucrat — even on later painted as a rogue agent, running a shadow, rump operation — would not push the button to order — say — a Predator drone to strafe your house?

What’s that, you say? Never?

Really. That’s interesting, considering that it’s already been done, and those drones are already in operation in CONUS, and the power asserted that, in cases of terrorism or national security (or even a FISA warrant’s being issued), you may, indeed, find yourself the target of one of these terminators.

I think it’s long past time that We the People get deadly serious about the Right to Privacy. One is told that the rights supposedly guaranteed by the First Amendment are the queen of rights, or that the right to keep and bear arms enforces our assertion of our rights against the state. But I believe the ur right is the Right of Self — to be inviolate in one’s person (and, therefor, in one’s property and effects) is the basis for all other rights. And privacy inheres to the individual like a tattooed-on set of Underoos.

I’ve threatened before to get mouthy on this subject and have been confronted by the broad scope and vast possibilities inherent to the topic. That has slowed me down, so with this, I am taking the decision to nibble at the topic. Our Curmudgeon, among other galactic intellects has already plowed a lot of this ground, and you would do well to listen to him and encourage him to unspool past and future hits in this genre. I’m not the first, but I want to add my voice to the growing crowd that sees in these importunate initiatives a beginning of a great fall of the liberty nation.
If you love liberty, join this fight.

Resolved: the Right to Privacy descends from the Right to Life and is, therefore, unalienable and absolute.

You own yourself and you own the information about you. Resist all efforts to infringe on your privacy. Do not do business with enterprises which trade in the private information of individuals. Where you cannot avoid doing business with the nosey and intrusive, protest loudly their infringements. Urge your elected officials to take note of and action on this issue. Write, speak, act.

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