Incomplete? Seriously?

THE WAY I REMEMBER IT from my schools days, an “incomplete” was a grade given to someone who actually did fail the course in the most spectacular way possible — by not even trying. It was a grade given to whiney little titty-babies (a lot of time after fervent negotiation) because the teacher didn’t want to listen to WLTB’s parents. It was a failing grade, but it wasn’t an “F”.

This is not a passing grade, nor is it a good argument for a second term.

But it is to be expected from the entitled affirmative-action hire who never earned anything he ever had in his life, skated by on — scorn quotes — “good looks and personality” his whole life, and would rather bullshit you into giving him what he wants then actually do the work to deserve it.

In other words, a typical Democrat.

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