In Case You Haven’t Already Heard

BLOGOSPHERE FAVORITE Kim du Toit has a new novel out, titled Prime Target. I read this in galley (can you say that about an ebook) and was suitably impressed.

Almost anything I can tell you specifically about the book would constitute a spoiler, it’s that tight — both in plot and character development. I will say that it is VERY well-written. The editing that has been done on this — or the quality of Kim’ drafting, one — is simply stellar. It has a solid, new-car thunk when you close the doors. Just… wonderful to behold.

The story is well-told and gripping. I read it straight through three times with ease. Heinlein wrote in advice to fictioneers that “you’re competing for beer money.” This one wins that competition hands down. well worth your time and money.

I can also recommend without reservation Kim’s other work. I particularly enjoyed Vienna Days, despite its thoroughly unlikable protagonist. Or, maybe, because of him.

Here’s hoping Kim makes a good success of this and has a long career, and that we get to enjoy the fruits of his labor. A win-win all the way around.

2 responses to “In Case You Haven’t Already Heard

  1. I bought a copy of Vienna Days when it first appeared as a trade paperback; I’m going to have to hunt down this new one.

  2. I suppose it’s not TOO gauche of me to point out that, were you to purchase the book through my link, you’d be helping keep BTB on the air at no additional cost to yourself — or whatever it is that Insty says when he’s flacking his Amazon links.


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