In a Word, YES

THE PRESIDENT ASKS does anyone think that the reason we’re in this mess is too much government regulation?

Well, for certain specific values of too much, in a word, Yes. To me, “too much” == “any,” but then, I’m a bomb-throwing radical extremist.

But, perhaps, as usual, he seeks to distract you from the reality of the situation by asking the wrong question. It’s not too much or too little, but the wrong kind. In coercing businesses to do things that are contrary to their purpose, operate to their detriments, and do not serve their owners, after all, the real indictment comes in the question, “Why are you doing that at all?” not in “Are you doing too little/too much of that?”

BTW: does anybody but me consider it fighting words when Chuckie Schumer uses the phrase “extreme right wing” with a sneer in his voice?

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