I’m A Say The Same Thing I Said On 9/11/01

THIS WHOLE MESS with the embassies in Cairo and Benghazi is NOT just a bunch of random tumblefucks acting out of sexual frustration and iggerant redneck rage or something. It’s carefully coordinated warfare, probably at bottom state-directed, but certainly with a controlling hand pulling strings. The mob are sock puppets in sandals.

I was wrong about the ultimate agency on Black Tuesday. I thought it would turn out to be Saddam Hussein. But I’ll tell you who was right, and that was Ann Coulter, who said on 9/13/01…

We should invade their countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity.

Now, there’s an internal inconsistency, there, inasmuch as Christianity doesn’t really go for forced conversions. But, just as you can’t force a liberal society on a stone-age country, but you can protect it long enough for pluralistic self-determination to take root, so, too can you set up the conditions necessary for choice to be exercised. Obviate Islam’s bullying by protecting those who would voluntarily convert, and they’ll come over in waves.

Just be prepared for it to take awhile, which is something, apparently, left-statists in our government are never able to do.

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