If You Heard Barry Spouting All His BS

AT AFTERNOON DRIVE TIME Monday — what timing! — you’re not one of the low-information crowd, most likely. If you stood amazed that his tongue didn’t jump out of his mouth and run screaming down the street because of all the lies, fabrications, straw man arguments, an projection… Same thing.

Just a point? When he says “You can’t stop” the implementation of Obamacare today? He’s wrong. You can. Just stay away. In droves. Don’t go to the web site. Don’t try to sign up for exchanges that either don’t exist or aren’t ready. There’s plenty of low-information fools out there who’ll ably demonstrate just how not-ready the whole thing is.

No. What you need to demonstrate is how deeply unpopular this is with the productive types in the country. Me, I plan to pay the fine for the first two years at least, and figure that we’ll have a chance to vote out the bastards who sold us down the river on this, and then hold feet to the fire to really, actually repeal the whole obamination with veto-proof majorities in BOTH houses of Congress.

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