If You Don’t Think Politics is About Power

TAKE A LOOK AT the topic Rush is hammering on his show Tuesday: the rules food fight at the convention, in which the RINO establishment is attempting to moot grassroots influence in primaries, and so-forth.

A lot of people are muttering about “third party.” I suspect, if the RINOs keep pushing, they’re going to back the liberty movement into a corner, and it won’t be a third party. It will be the second party, and it will be a majority party, and the Republican party will join the Communist party on the ash heap of history.

Bet on it. What the establishment doesn’t get is that the People are no longer in a mood to suffer these outrages silently. And, if they don’t think a majority party can coalesce in a single election cycle, they should look to the history of their own party. Go ask a Whig; he’ll be able to tell you.

2 responses to “If You Don’t Think Politics is About Power

  1. 90% of conservatives are Republicans for the simple reason they have no where else to go. Every time they hang with the Libertarians they inevitably find themselves in a circle jerk about legalizing weed.

    A Tea Party backed third party (find a better name. Quick!) would put the GOP in the ashcan with the Whigs, from whence they arose.

  2. Yeah. I never did get how conservatives could figure out “Guns don’t kill people; people kill people,” but go all statist and Daddy-knows-best about weed. Especially since the Harrison Act was a progressive dodge in the first place. Makes me wonder about their claims to having principles.


    P.S. I just taught my Firefox spellchecker “statist.” Those kids at Mozilla been smokin’ the WRONG stuff.

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