I’d Have Said “KGB”

WERE THE ONES using modern art as a weapon in the cold war — considering the cultural degradation the whole mess represents. After all, if art is what artists do, then you have to grant Abstract Expressionism and all the rest of the posings of the arts and croissant crowd (a little Rushbo lingo fer ya, there) the status of art. Yes. But, if the purpose of art is to uplift members of society, to inspire and contribute to true progress for humanity, the modern so-called art hardly qualifies. And, given that it did and does just the opposite (in a lot of cases) (And, yes, da Doll is a big fan of Lichtenstein, de Kooning, Calder, Mondrian, and a buncha others.), I’d have to say the movement served the evil and destructive Adversary to a T.

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  1. Jubal Harshaw had some really good commentary on Art, actually. I won’t bother to quote him, because anyone else reading this already knows what he said, or probably doesn’t care what some writer said anyway.

    Generically, and paraphrased, he noted that Art (note the large A) invokes an emotion in the consumer of the product. If that emotion is nausea, it probably won’t sell, and then must be subsidized by the .Gov, to propagandize the masses in the art of nausea. Or something like that.

    Anyway, I concur with you. The emotions that Art invokes are not negative, or it’s not worthwhile, unless the intention is to degrade or denigrate humanity as a whole. And there’s a lot of that going around nowadays.

  2. There’s a lot more than that on which I agree with Harshaw.

  3. Likewise, but I was trying to stay somewhat on topic there.

    Jubal would have been pretty much my role model in my youth, barring the fact that I never had the patience for that much higher education. He was a bit more pacifistic than I am, too. I’m a small “l” libertarian, but can’t find it in myself to see enough good and decency in humanity as a whole to go totally Capital “L”. There are too many people that I feel an itch to shoot on sight, and am thankful that my Religious beliefs prevent me from acting on those urges, even when I probably could get away with it.

    Just saying….

  4. I meant about art. And personnel er… relations.


  5. Sculpture? Yes, there is that part, also.

    I never appreciated sculpture until RAH and Jubal opened my eyes. Statues. Dead people, and people in strange poses, and whatnot. Generals on horses with one or more of their feet in the air, even….

    Jubal taught me a lot about more than one or two things, and I’ll include his version of the S.S. in that regard. But about Art, art, and faux “Art”? Jubal rules on that subject. My eyes were opened to a lot of things “statuesque” as it were.

    On personal relationships, or even multiple personal relationships, I’m a bit too conservative to adopt his philosophies, and way too poor to be able to support his approach.

    But we’ve been dwelling on someone else too long. I’m mostly hanging around here to hear how you are coming on the sequel, actually. 😉

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