Ice Storm 2007

Artistic vision requires that the artist fall in love with his subject — if only a little. Without that, you can’t put the beauty into the work that makes it a work of art and not just auto-eroticism. In this picture, there is a lot of detail to discover. There’s mystery — what’s happening, here? There’s natural beauty of the snow outside, but also in the deadly nature of an ice storm and what it can do to the underpinnings of our comfort. We are reminded of that by the lights reflected in the window. There’s also an element of serendipity. I wasn’t trying to shoot the reflections. I wanted to get a shot outside the window. Set up a time exposure on a tripod to get it. The reflections in the window glass were a happy accident. But when I saw them in-frame, I knew I had it. They’re what makes the picture.

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