I Really Have Little Sympathy

FOR THE UNION THUGS AT HOSTESS who have, it would seem, driven the company out of business.

And, yet, with even this object lesson at hand, otherwise well-informed folks on the radio this morning have blathered on, “Oh, unions may have served a purpose/been good in the beginning, but now…”

Hate to bust your bubble, bunky, but the only purpose unions have ever served is to accumulate wealth and power for those running them. Despite the trappings of democratic process — or, maybe, because of them — unions are among the most despicable institutions ever brought forth in this Republic.

They start out using coercion — the threat of violent and economic ruin — to deny the free exercise of association, contract rights, and private property ownership.

They rob their members of self-determination, turning those who ought to be rugged, independent individuals into puling, spineless dependents, unable to think or act for themselves.

Then they move on to rob their members of hard-earned money and put it to untoward and corrupt uses.

And not least, unions force businesses into uneconomic — i.e., suicidal — behaviors, including spending more than the market will bear for labor.

The inevitable result is GM, is any airline, is … well, Hostess bakeries.

This should be added to The Gods of the Copybook Headings: unions ruin businesses, pauper their members, enrich their executives, corrupt the state.

To the Hostess bakers: you made your bed, now lie in it.

4 responses to “I Really Have Little Sympathy

  1. shorter alger: bring the sweatshops back and free the banksters from even the loose leashes put on them to collapse the economy again.

  2. Mark Philip Alger

    DO NOT presume to put words in my mouth. If you have a cogent argument to offer, put it forth. But marxist cant carries exactly zero weight around here.

    In case you failed to pay attention, the banks, to the extent that they are culpable for the housing bubble, were only acting in self-defense against the shithouse-rat CRAZY (and unconstitutional and therefore illegal) pressures put on them by Democrats, from Jimmy Carter to Janet Reno and Bill Clinton to Barney Frank and Chris Dodd to stop so-called “redlining” (read: refusing to make sub-prime loans in blighted neighborhoods) — a practice as well and substantially documented as “driving while [fill in your choice of irrelevant descriptive characteristic]” and “racial profiling” (a.k.a.: a description of the suspect). They had their existence threatened by petty marxist gauleiters (there’s a mixed metaphor for you) and, rather than tell the tyrants with undue power over their livelihoods to — quite properly — go piss up a rope, they knuckled under.

    And, of course, being utterly ignorant of economic reality, you may not be aware that, when a bank makes loans that have no hope of being repaid, and when those risks are socialized by a MANDATORY government regime of — scorn quotes — “insurance” — it is not at all unreasonable to expect the resultant failures to …


    But the real crime in the whole thing was the government’s panicked reaction to piss ever larger sums of taxpayer money and debt down that rathole, rather than just letting the banks fail. Not only that, but DEMOCRAT officials in the federal government (notice a pattern here?) FORCED banks which were solvent, had no toxic assets, and whose executives neither wanted nor needed government monies to nevertheless accept them.

    Again, in preference to telling said officials to micturate against gravity against a twisted length of sisal.

    And, I suppose, your blinders-on binary observation on the nature of working conditions is born of some hidden knowledge the rest of us are denied as to what those conditions might be in the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of workplaces which are non-union. They must, indeed, be truly awful for employees to so adamantly refuse the importunings of union thugs that said thugs have taken to the unsavory tactic of FORCING union elections where none are wanted by either management or staff.

    Yeah. That’s persuasive.


  3. Well put, Mr. Alger. Marxist cant indeed.

    Isn’t interesting that everything you call out a Marxist on his/her incredibly “black and white,” linear philosophy, for some reason there is no response.

    The word poltroon comes to mind here, wouldn’t ya say?

    And the phrase, totalitarian shortsightedness.

  4. Gotta love that brilliant tactic employed by lefties, Dems and King Barack himself: “Can’t go back to the failed policies that got us into this mess.” As if everyone contracted amnesia and forgot that the housing bubble was created by a lefty law put on steroids by Clinton and Reno, and then nurtured and protected by Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and other Dems until it became Godzilla in Tokyo.

    Yeah, it’s that wild and unfettered marketplace that forces lenders to make millions of loans they know will never be paid back. Right.

    Back to the Teamsters strike against Hostess. I annotated (with italics) the following quotes from a Wall St Journal article (http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887324439804578114862262799942.html):

    * “Frank Hurt, the bakers union president, said he’s well aware of the possibility of a liquidation, but he stressed that ‘people will only take so much’ when it comes to cuts to their wages and benefits.”
    And they’ll wind up with nuthin’ if Hostess tanks. Headline: “Teamsters put a Hurt on Hostess workers”

    * “The Teamsters represent about 7,500 of Hostess’s 18,300 employees.”
    I wonder how the other 59% of employees feel about the Teamsters threatening to flush their jobs down the toilet.

    * “[Hostess CEO] Mr. Rayburn said that the bakers union hasn’t made any specific demands of Hostess and that the two parties aren’t engaged in negotiations.”
    Don’t know what we want, but we’re going on strike.

    * “He [CEO Rayburn] added that the company has ‘zero’ tolerance for revamping the terms of its new labor deal, which the Teamsters narrowly voted to accept in September.”
    Show some flexibility, Rayburn. They stuck to the deal for two whole months.

    I’ve never been a joiner. There’s something about the herd mentality of the collective that brutally enforces conformity and encourages weird, stupid and vicious behavior. Like a stadium crowd trampling to death dozens of people. Or a union sinking a company, taking not just its own members to the bottom of the ocean, but also non-union employees, investors and the surrounding economy that depends on the company’s well being.

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