I Really Have Little Sympathy

FOR THE UNION THUGS AT HOSTESS who have, it would seem, driven the company out of business.

And, yet, with even this object lesson at hand, otherwise well-informed folks on the radio this morning have blathered on, “Oh, unions may have served a purpose/been good in the beginning, but now…”

Hate to bust your bubble, bunky, but the only purpose unions have ever served is to accumulate wealth and power for those running them. Despite the trappings of democratic process — or, maybe, because of them — unions are among the most despicable institutions ever brought forth in this Republic.

They start out using coercion — the threat of violent and economic ruin — to deny the free exercise of association, contract rights, and private property ownership.

They rob their members of self-determination, turning those who ought to be rugged, independent individuals into puling, spineless dependents, unable to think or act for themselves.

Then they move on to rob their members of hard-earned money and put it to untoward and corrupt uses.

And not least, unions force businesses into uneconomic — i.e., suicidal — behaviors, including spending more than the market will bear for labor.

The inevitable result is GM, is any airline, is … well, Hostess bakeries.

This should be added to The Gods of the Copybook Headings: unions ruin businesses, pauper their members, enrich their executives, corrupt the state.

To the Hostess bakers: you made your bed, now lie in it.

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