I Notice that Statists, When They

WANT TO PIT AMERICANS against each other on the subject of income tax rates, such as the way the President does in this campaign ad (He’s Barack Obama and he approves this message.), they weep crocodile tears for how bad you have it in comparison to Mr. Bigbux. But they never offer to lower your tax rates — only to raise his.

Like that’s gonna do you any good.

Nor will they ever admit that the income tax treats different Americans differently. Whatever happened to Fair Play and Equal Justice For All? Is this the way Americans are supposed to be?

A lot of ink and pixels has been spent on Obama’s birth certificate. He may have been born in Hawaii, (though it speaks volumes that he has never released any documentary proof of it, and what he HAS released is a fake so awful as to be both embarrassing and insulting), but does it really matter? At heart, he’s no American.

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