I Keep Meaning to Do This

IN THE PROCESS OF MY world-building — that’s a science-fiction term for background creation — I do research. Not all of it ends up on the page. A lot of the time, I read books and articles more out of my own curiosity than anything. For example, I’m reading a lot of Peter Hopkirk’s Books

But the last couple of days, I’ve been spelunking around in the subject of the Danube River, the general geography and geology of the regions it flows through, the hydrology, the scenery, some of the history (but not nearly enough of that — I’ve been pressed for time, and the history of this world isn’t relative to the project at-hand)…

One of the more fascinating places along the river is a gorge at the border between Serbia and Romania called the Iron Gate. Lots of history. Take a Google Earth tour of the place. ( Wanted a live link here so you could click it and, if you have Google Earth on your computer, you’d be able to go there. But that is apparently too simple for Google. Do no evil my ass.) So anyway. The coordinates of the place are 49:39:25.05N by 21:53:29.08E. Here’s a picture:

Image: Wikimedia Commons. Creator: Denis Barthel.

And another one.

Image: Wikimedia Commons. Creator: Cornelius Bechtler.

Hopefully, with more practice, I can become more gracile in posting these little nuggets.

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