I Have My Doubts About Mr. Newt

BUT THEY MOSTLY CENTER around how he couches his simpatico with certain features of leftist hobby horses. Frex: I’m not an environmentalist. Not because I want dirty water, dirty air, and poison to eat and drink, but because I have a knee jerk distrust of any movement that calls itself by an “-ism.” This is a collectivist shibboleth and I don’t trust it. From those things comes nothing but evil. So I prefer to think of myself as being in favor of conservation as a practice — a habit, if you will — (and have since before Rachel Carson published the lying Silent Spring), and not as a feature of an “organized ” “system” of belief or ideology. In short, I refuse to make my relationship with the earth political. Nor do I accept the anthropogenic global warming conjecture, its heirs, assigns, and successors, world without end.

In short, the couch thing with Bela Pelosi: FAIL. The JohnKinging of the media (note how quickly that became a transitive verb): EPIC WIN.

And that, I think, is the point. Tired of taking it on the chin from rude, gibbering, little homunculi of the Left, and then being laughed at for wimps when making a measured and proportionate response, We in the Right have long demanded a more muscular response — a retaliation… a punishing retaliation — from our soi disant leaders.

Newt seems bent on giving that to us, in word and in deed — without much regard to what may be drudged up out of his record to smear him with.

And that is why he is liked by the groundlings. And that is why he is like to win in November if he can get past the cock-blocking gatekeepers of the establishment — St. Ann notwithstanding.

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