I Had No Idea

THIS GUY HAD these depths. I just thought he was a good actor and adept at delivering these lines. But it appears he can come up with them on his own and is good at delivering them because they’re wholly original. I loved it when he played Cracker’s shrink. OK. So he didn’t. But he should. Think about it: Stephen Fry and Robbie Coltrane. And we could have been there to see it. If we’d had cable.

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  1. My D.I.L. adores him, knows everything about him. He taught her to love Wodehouse and she’s eternally in his debt. And I in hers. And now in yours, for this is a fine way to start a new day!

  2. Oh, he’s neither as shallow as one might think nor as mundane, but he’s still a strident anti-theist and an enemy of free markets everywhere.

  3. Mark Philip Alger

    I am minded of Glenn Beck’s relationship with Penn Jillette. He hasn’t persuaded the magician to God or anything, but he’s forced him to consider — by his own lights.

    And no one who earns his own daily bread is proof against the suasions of the free market. Many of us were persuaded of at least the harmlessness of socialism, if not its unalloyed good, and yet came to see the light. (I never was, but I’m an oddball.)

    People don’t stay the same throughout their lives, and the late conversion can be the more powerful for that. I’m becoming less quick to consign the ungodly to the Pit when there’s still time for the come-to-Jesus moment.

    Not that I’m saying that’s what you’re doing. That’s just where my train of thought went.


  4. Oh, no question. And if you have that come-to-Jesus moment, more power to you; I’m just saying. I know a lot of leopards who have ostensibly changed their spots, but scrub ’em hard, and there those spots still are.

  5. He sounds almost as annoyed at New Age loons using physics terminology as I am. Whenever I see the phrase “spiritual energy,” I wonder how much that energy is in kilowatt hours.

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