I Guess This Is Just a Matter of Opinion

AND A THOUSAND years of experience in book design and readability goes out the window once engineers get their hands on it. A thirty year career as a world-class designer similarly goes out the window because only twenty of that has been aided by computers. Oh. Excuse me. All thirty has been computer-aided, but only twenty has been “aided” by art-illiterate engineers.

Don’t think so? Try getting usable PostScript output from Microsoft Word. Or MS Publisher. Fah!

So, when people try to tell you that there should be a line space between paragraphs of text in online media, despite all contrary advice from other people who — oh, I don’t know… KNOW WHAT THEY’RE DOING — you, of course, should listen to them.

I think Joel Friedlander is too kind to the idiots in his comments.

You don’t think you’re being a tad … er … dogmatic?

Not when it comes to vehemently rejecting page design advice from people who think that hypertext is a sensible protocol for conveying linear information, or that layout rules for scientific matter and for fiction should be the same. No. I don’t.

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