I Get Started on Rants Like This

AND BEFORE I GET TO THE second paragraph, I’m sputtering like Daffy Duck just had his beak shot off by Elmer Fudd. I just cannot keep it together long enough to express my anger without it overcoming me.

So, thank the Lord we have Emperor Misha. Who gets right to the point and manages to keep his cool to state his thesis.

Enemies of We the People and the Constitution of the United States of America to which we swore an unbreakable oath: You are entering territory that is not uncharted, you would know if you’d ever bothered to take a break from licking each others’ balls and read a few books, but it is fraught with danger, horror, tragedy and pain. You will not emerge from that territory unscathed and, if G-d be truly on our side, you will not emerge at all except to be hanged from the nearest utility posts.

Not that, as Misha admits, it will do any good to issue the warning. But in a moral sense, it is required. To strike without warning puts We in the Right on the same moral footing as the Enemies of We the People. (LIBAKM*.)

*(Let It Become A Keyboard Macro.)

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