I Don’t Mean to Be Silent

I’M WORKING ON AN UBERPOST about book cover art. I’m also playing with ideas for the cover of “Report from the Field” (still looking for a better title). And I’m still looking for a better title for “Report from the Field.

The problem with that last is that the “original” title for the Apocryphal story on which the canonical one is based was so cool and apposite — Report from New Xenaland. But, of course, I have to strip out all allusions to Xena: Warrior Princess in that vein. (I’m wondering if the trope in which Witchlet, who’s a Xenite from the word “Go!”, buys six dollies on the day they’re available in Hong Kong… (not released, mind you, just available, which implies they may have been pirated, but give the naive fan a break) (but I degrease) …wondering if that trope is too infringing. Don’t want to get crosswise of NBC/Universal.)

And I’m trying to get actual wordage on “Report…”

But — see — my feet hurt. The kind of pain they make graphics of for TV commercials. Got a pain killer for it, but it works only sporadically. And I can’t seem to get into a comfortable posture that allows me to work at a desk.

So, while I’m wrestling with that, no free ice cream for you. Sorry.

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