How Much of What Science Might Know

RESTS UNEXAMINED IN university or museum store rooms?

3 responses to “How Much of What Science Might Know

  1. Or secret government warehouses?? *grin*

  2. Wayne Blackburn

    Well, there have certainly been a number of finds inside museum cases in the past few years, so I would say, “A whole lot.”

    • Mark Philip Alger

      The question occurred to me while I was watching a documentary on a crypto-paleo hominid species (Denisovans). Or maybe it was about sequencing the Neanderthal genome. But they documented a bit of evidence found in a university store room that, in effect, broke the case. And it had been just sitting there for … oh, if I recall correctly … decades. And, understanding how much might be found at a dig site and how much work there is in cataloging it, I have to wonder… As you say.


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