Here’s a Pair of Prize Idiots

THE ONE WONDERING WHETHER the Can’t Keep It In Their Pants crew from the Secret Service might have been less inclined to truck with prostitutes (or get into an argument over payment, maybe?) if there’d been women on the detail. And then the other going on to muse that, on account of the incident with the working girls down Cartahena way, “we” (you and that mouse turd in your pocket, Congresswoman?) should “diversify” the SS — more women, more minorities.

Idiots in question being noted RINO Senator Susan Collins and Rep. Carolyn Maloney of (Name-that-Party) New York.

First, what the FUCK does a person’s sex, religion, ethnicity, or national origin have to do with his or her propensity to engage in risky sexual activity? And isn’t it rather bigoted of you to assume that, just because she’s a woman, any given female Secret Service agent might be a dryball buzzkill? Kinda sexist, there, innit, Senator?

And, for icing on the cake, this stupidity is reported with a rather bovine expression (i.e., a straight face) by the usual crew of idiots at CNN.

But, hey. You gotta take your opportunities to mock the self-handicapping anywhere you get them.

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