Help! I’m Being Held Captive

IN A CHINESE FORTUNE cookie factory. (Or however that old joke from the ’50s goes.)

My home workstation is temporarily out of sorts. Either the main memory DIMM needs to be re-seated or it needs to be replaced. I may be back in operation Saturday, or I may be down for several days. I don’t have email or Faceplant access at the moment, though I may be able to get at them via alternative modes. I’m just going to be very busy Friday and Saturday, so may not have time to fix things. Not to worry.

Update: Ordered the RAM from Amazon. Same Dell OEM part at roughly half the price as at Dell direct. Even with rush Saturday delivery, it’s still the price of the module (at Amazon) LESS than the price just for the two modules from Dell. Do the math. So, one hopes, my weekend won’t be as miserable as I thought it was going to be this morning.

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