Having Just Dropped Wheat from My Diet

A MEAT SHORTAGE TO ME is not an encouraging sign. So I can only hope that reports like this one is more of the hyperventilating that the “The SKY is falling!” crowd seems incapable to resist.

But it also puts me to mind of a growing problem in the world and makes me wonder if there isn’t an opportunity here. Can one get edible meat off a feral hog?

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  1. Congratulations on dropping wheat! I shouldn’t worry too much about meat scarcity. I don’t believe it for a second. That’s not to say they won’t use that excuse to raise prices again/continually. But shortage? No, I think not.

  2. A friend I used to work with went bow hunting for hogs every year here in Texas…always got at least two. Brought in some back strap one day…GOOD!!!

    Yes, you can get bacon from a feral hog…if the hog doesn’t get you first!!

    • Mark Philip Alger

      Well, yes. There is that. But doesn’t that make the meat taste better?

      BSN; I was thinking of the opportunity for commercial hunting. Perhaps even capture and domestication. Dunno, though. From all reports by people who hunt the things, they fairly define “ornery”. It makes me wonder if the whole notion is commercially viable. Cost-benefit, wise. Y’know?


  3. I think it depends on what you consider, “edible”. Slow cooking can do wonders for the tenderness of the meat, but I’m not too sure about the flavor.

  4. Mark Philip Alger


    I was thinking more in terms of passing a USDA inspection, but… OK. I get that.


  5. No USDA inspection on feral hogs- but they’re one of the healthier animals to eat, depending on where they’re taken. Small sows are best. Avoid anything with nuts.

    Unlike things like bears, armadillos, and possums, which cancarry leprosy and transmit it to you in your dinner, hogs are limited as to what diseases they can carry.

    meat spols quickly, so butchering it immediately after shooting it- as in same day, is important. If you can’t get it to the butcher in 12 hours you need to pack it in ice, and you need to gut and skin it asap.

    Deer- which roam your area regularly- will be much eassier to deal with, so long as you keep taking your allopurinol.

  6. If it moves on it’s own, you can eat it. Just takes the right amount of seasoning.

    In all seriousness, you can get quite a bit of meat off a feral hog. But it can be “gamey”, which to the modern palate just doesn’t taste right. Me and the Mrs. just let it marinate for a day before cooking it.

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