Have I Said This Out Loud?


In a republic, he who calls himself a democrat is undermining the political foundations of the country. A saboteur.

In a constitutional republic, whose founding charter contains within it prescriptions for altering that charter with the consent of the governed, he who seeks to alter constitutional provisions without reference to those prescriptions is making war on the nation. A traitor.

In any country, a politician who is less than forthright about his aims and methods is operating in bad faith. A liar, a poltroon.

And, yet, elected politicians of the democrat party are all three.*

In this nation, under this constitution, BY THEIR VERY NAME the Democrats START OUT acting with bad-faith intent. And they go downhill from there.

When you dispassionately observe the behavior of Democrats among themselves, you find that their so-called leaders act in a dictatorial fashion, denying their members any freedom of conscience or expression. All must toe the party line, or face opprobrium beyond measure. Nor are the Democrats’ public policy prescriptions any friendlier to liberty. In neither their political behavior nor their governing behavior are they in any way democratic. Thus do we in the Right feel it meet to call the part on the Left by a more-honest name: the Democrat party — that is a party of self-named democrats, who are, as I say, in no way actually democratic.

No patriotic American should lend any credence, give any support, or pay any heed to anything a Democrat politician says.

Just thought I should throw that out there. Comments?

*Please note that this in no way exempts Republicans from the same indictments. However, it must be said, Republicans at least pay lip service to individual rights, liberty, self-reliance, and self-determination. The Democrats here lately have taken to actively attacking these founding American principles.

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