Greater Good =>Greater Evil

THERE’S NO DENYING IT and folks in the Right might want to reconsider fanship of Mr. Spock, with his pseudological wittering, “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few — and the one.”

No, Mr. Spock. That is despicable. Every call for sacrifice for the greater good — demanded of an individual and involuntary — is an abomination. There is no situation in which it is good, meet, and proper for a group to do to an individual what every individual in that group is forbidden to do.

Nor can needs be proper determinants of deserts. What one needs has no bearing on what one deserves. If one is not willing to provide for one’s wants, then one’s needs must needs go unprovided for, absent charity. And forced charity is — I am sorry — either theft or slavery. Take your pick as to the name you give it — either is intolerable.

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