Got Dolly and Tiko Off the Dime

AND AWAY FROM THEIR first encounter and all that surrounds that. I wouldn’t say I’ve been blocked exactly, but I have been working that set of five or six scenes pretty hard.

So the second stage of Dolly’s journey in Faerie is now entered. Word count is seventy-eight, six, almost 79K. I was hoping to make it to 80K this weekend (well, I was hoping for even more than that), but I was … I don’t know what you’d call it. Swamped, I guess. I had more impressions to capture than I had time, energy, or words to do. And, instead of screaming through it, it slowed me down. Still. Almost fifteen pages. I suppose at my current rate of speed, I should be grateful.

I keep meaning to share bits and pieces of research, and keep forgetting to. And it’s late now, but here’s a peice: a starting point for a wiki-wander … You’re welcome. Oh, and: have fun with this one, too.

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