Good Reason to Disband DHS

THEY KEEP TELLING US THAT no government program, once instantiated, is ever eliminated.

That will keep on being true until it’s done for the first time.

People interested in the maintenance and expansion of individual liberty must continue to work to tear down government edifices and fight the creation of new ones, such as the executive order on cyberscurity.

A commenter on the Volokh thread writes:

You are observing the ratchet in action.

The ratchet is part of the problem with accepting legislation or the state as legitimate.

They can just keep trying the same thing over and over and over again, until it passes, because the foo-roots do not have the manpower to keep fighting it every single time, Once it passes its even harder to organize to remove it, because those who would be harmed by it now have less ability/funds/etc (due to the harm) to fight it.

In short, once you accept a state there is no equilibrium solution that is libertarian.

Which could not have been written better by Saul Alinsky himself. Ellsworth Toohey couldn’t have whispered it better. Gríma Wormtongue could have dripped his venom in the writer’s ear in a flat and affectless tone: “There is no hope. Give up.”

If you accept that, you might as well eat your gun. Your only option is to fight. Fight to win. They told us gun control was inevitable. We beat it. All that’s left is the mop up. A drive toward the universal enshrinement of individual privacy could easily be next. Kill stoplight and speed cameras. Render the panopticon state stillborn. Demand absolute protection of privacy rights. No business or government may or can own the information about you. It belongs to you as much as does your skin. Make the Fourth Amendment apply to all actors — state and private. End the Internal Revenue Service. Repeal the Internal Revenue Code.

Disband the Department of Homeland Security as an anathema to a free nation, a free people.

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