Good Looks and Personality

WAS A PHRASE CURRENT AMONG my circle of friends in and immediately after high school, back in the early ’70s. We’d say somebody was trying to get by on good looks and personality. It essentially meant you had a weak case. No substance. It was particularly damning if the person in question had neither good looks nor personality. Viz: Eric Holder.

I was always struck by the Alex P. Keaton types of my acquaintance who never did their homework. They either thought they already knew the material or thought a cursory glance at it and a good line of bullshit would let them slide it on by. And, in those early days of teacher unionization, in that generation of permissive parenting courtesy of Doctor Spock, there was a better-than-50/50 chance it would succeed.

Those people grew up to be Democrats.

Like Obama, the con-law professor whose students don’t seem to remember him, who never published an article in his law review, who doesn’t seem to understand the first thing about the Constitution or anything about the Founding of the republic.

Like the idiots who think that “niggardly” is a racial slur, or that any mention of the word “black” in any context is as well.

Like the fools who think that a MFA in modern art means you’ll never need to use geometry.

Considering the piss-poor drafsmanship of most modern soi-disant artists, that may be true.

Aren’t you still grounded?

For three more weeks.

Just checking.

So: here we are with the entire Obama Administration trying to get by on good looks and personality, and a bunch of uglier trolls I cannot imagine.

Good luck with that.

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