Fuck That! Knock His Door DOWN

AND SHOOT HIS DOG. Of course it’s already gotten to be too much of a burden! Asshole!

Not only that, but the Second Amendment doesn’t refer to gun manufacturers. It protects an individual right inherent in ALL of We the People.

So, Chuckie: Shut. The. Fuck. Up. Come back when you have a lawful bill to propose.

One response to “Fuck That! Knock His Door DOWN

  1. Not only are the inmates firmly in charge of the asylum, they are the ones issuing themselves diplomas at the medical college across the street. The loop is well and truly closed. There is (sadly) only two ways to deal with it now:

    1. Secede from the Union. (If you currently do not live in a state which would do so, perhaps it is time to look into that. And yes, I am as guilty as the next fella, in that I know where I want to go, but haven’t gotten there yet.) This may eventually get messy once the prog….errr …regressives decide they want what we have, as they already wrecked what we left them with.

    2. Get ready to rumble. I know that sounds a bit flip, but most folks (especially those with prior military/LEO experience) know it will be a long bloody series of engagements, and there is no guaranty of winning. And no one looks forward to, or immediately rushes to, “battle” as the first choice in resolving anything. There comes a time when no other realistic or acceptable options remain available.

    So yeah, it is well past time to knock Chucky’s door down. Not only that, but stripping him down, applying a liberal amount of tar and an over abundance of feathers to his person … after he is properly secured to the rail of your choice … is not out of the question.

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