For Those of You Following Along At Home

WHEN LAST WE LEFT OUR intrepid protagonist, he had 28,529 words on the page of his latest story, “Report From the Field” (still looking for a better title). At this point, I suspect I should acknowledge the thing is a full-blown novel and it will have to go to 40K to be finished in that regard — not to mention finishing the actual — you know — story thing.

As of 2:15 Friday afternoon, when I broke for lunch, I had 29,900 according to Scrivener’s Project Stats, for a net gain of 1,371. (Remember, I have a daily goal of 1,000 words minimum.) Tonight, after dinner, and until shutting down for bed at 1:30 AM, I brought that daily production number up to 2,313 words, for a new grand total of 30,842. Yes, indeedy, folks, we have broken 30K. Since the beginning of November. Not great, but not bad, either. So, to make it to official, league-rules minimum novel length, I need a round 10,000 words more. And, looking at the scenes yet to be done, I suspect it’s quite doable.

Not going to do it before I go back to work at the Patch Factory, but I think I’ll be handing the story off to the Alpha Reader within a week.

Then we get to work on the cover art. (Cue dramatic music.)

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