For the Longest Time, I Have Said

ABOUT THE SO-CALLED global warming phenomenon that the best we can say is that WHEN we’ve looked WHERE we’ve looked, the (ADJUSTED) data APPEARS to show a slight warming trend — WHICH GETS LOST IN THE NOISE. EIB Network official climatologist, Dr. Roy Spencer, of the University of Alabama Huntsville (UAH) and the super-whatsis of the NASA’s satellite temperature measurement lashup has done some analysis of the data sets. He confirms at least half what have been my main suspicions from the beginning — 1) we don’t know — CAN’T know the real, true temperature of the earth to within plus-or-minus the noise, 2) all adjustments appear to add to warming, which makes no sense whatsoever, no matter what the liars-who-figure say. All of your recording equipment and processes CAN’T be biased the same direction.

His conclusion is that ALL apparent warming over the last forty years (in short, for the entire period the “problem” has been being panic-mongered by Hansen and that ilk — since when the sky-is-falling bit flipped from The Coming Ice Age to The Coming Meltocalypse) is due to “adjustments” to the data sets. All.

Yes, Virginia, Global Warming is man-made — it’s been made up of a whole cloth by the scammers in the climate establishment to advance the adgenda of an anti-American, anti-human death cult.

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