First Week of Losing the Wheat Belly

I HAD MY LAST McDonald’s breakfast biscuit the Friday before Labor Day. This past weekend, Toni and I went through our kitchen cupboards and packed up anything that had wheat in the ingredients list. We were somewhat surprised to find that most soups — and especially cream soups and stews — have wheat in them. Progresso Chicken and Rice with Veggies (and a few others) does not.

For Sunday dinner, we had a wheatless pot roast. No hot bread. That was a wrench. I can see I’m going to learn to bake with rice, flax, and corn.

Today, (Monday), I start my new breakfast regime. I’m fixing hot breakfasts at home.

No weight loss to speak of yet, but I have noticed I am more alert and energetic, and my blood glucose numbers seem to be trending down.

Could be interesting.

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