First Week of Losing the Wheat Belly

I HAD MY LAST McDonald’s breakfast biscuit the Friday before Labor Day. This past weekend, Toni and I went through our kitchen cupboards and packed up anything that had wheat in the ingredients list. We were somewhat surprised to find that most soups — and especially cream soups and stews — have wheat in them. Progresso Chicken and Rice with Veggies (and a few others) does not.

For Sunday dinner, we had a wheatless pot roast. No hot bread. That was a wrench. I can see I’m going to learn to bake with rice, flax, and corn.

Today, (Monday), I start my new breakfast regime. I’m fixing hot breakfasts at home.

No weight loss to speak of yet, but I have noticed I am more alert and energetic, and my blood glucose numbers seem to be trending down.

Could be interesting.

3 responses to “First Week of Losing the Wheat Belly

  1. A little corn meal can thicken a stew or soup quite nicely… It just doesn’t work quite the same as wheat flour.

  2. Mark Philip Alger

    I’ve learned that, thanks. But we’re advised to avoid all grains, not just wheat.And I’ve picked up a bag of arrowroot flour, which I know from experience works well as a thickener, and has the added benefit of being nearly tasteless.


  3. I’ve had to change my ways, too. Good luck…

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