Fell Over On The Couch Again*

IT MAY BE THAT NOT all sleep is wasted, but this afternoon certainly was. About all I got done, besides scooping the cat boxes, was to put -30- to the list of vinyl albums. 598, thank you for asking.

I must remember this: I do not like romano cheese with eggs. Mozarella: OK. Cheddar: OK. Romano: no.

Seems as though the issue with Karma is not so much that the other cats are picking on her. While their efforts may be socially maladroit to human eyes, it appears they’re actually making overtures to her. It’s her violent “Mo-o-om! He’s touching me!” reaction that causes all the conflict. In the absence of drugs, perhaps just a bit of loving support from the Big Folk might keep the situation from all-out war.

It will never end it altogether, mind…

As I’ve told everybody else, I might as well tell you, my faceful readers, as well. I’m going to be doing NaNoWriMo again this year. I may not officially sign up, though. It appears there’s some sort of jinx which, this only being my second whack at it, I have yet to see. Although I didn’t make the 50,000 words last year — haven’t even finished the novel I was working on then — but I did make some serious progress on the thing during last November. So, if there’s bad luck attendant, there, it must be very mildly so.

Of course, that sort-of implies that I have to either finish It’s Dolly’s Birthday or abandon it before then. It would be silly to start into a project with a goal of writing 50,000 words on a work with less than 10-15,000 left to go. And my OCD would NOT let me work on two different novels during the event. That would just not be kosher. So it would have to be a new novel.

Fortunately, I have one in the wings — the recasting of Double-Switch, melding in the concepts of Report from New Xenaland, Sinfonia de la Inamorata, and The Moose Jaw Incident. I have also decided to take a piece of advice from Dean Wesley Smith (and myriad others, including the Sage of Butler) to not edit or rewrite the text of the first drafts, but — rather — to retell the story anew from scratch. Es stimmt. A lot has changed in my outlook on the stories since they were written back in ’99 — the back story, the characterizations, the world-building… The struggles I’ve had with IDB have illuminated a lack in my process. Since I’m working counter to what the teachers say, I’ve decided to try what they advise. How so very learned of me.

Unfortunately, having now taken the decision, I am confronted with all of the ideas i have suppressed for thirteen years. Unfortunate because I have this other project — which I must finish — still on my plate.

Which reminds me. Did I mention that I do not like romano cheese with eggs?

* Concept courtesy of Crowded House.

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