Examiner: Obama Shellshocked

SHELLSHOCKED! (I tell you!) that Arab tumblefucks in the Middle East don’t give a shit about peace in our time.

I imagine Neville Chamberlain was surprised, too.

The Santayana Lesson applies. Appeasement never works with aggressors. And the connection between Islamofascism and the more general kind is far from uncanny. One might call it — in a non-Marxian sense — inevitable.

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  1. Mark,

    I think you are preaching to the choir here. Unless you have a resident troll (or two), I can’t imagine any of your readers either disagreeing with the above, or not having already parced this. (Not that a good thought does not warrant a friendly reminder from time to time.)

    Having said this, as you (and I am happy to see many others now) are saying; that Islam is not, in fact, a religion…but a political ideology … wrapped up to look like “a religion”… but little more than a new virulent strain of authoritarianism.

    It is not a racist attack against arabs (though admittedly their “high holy shrines are centered in the middle east, primarily in arab countries), or Iranians (who are not arab, but aryan), it is, or should be against all who follow the Islamic creed. Whether it is in the Middle East, Asia, Southwest/Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, or here on the North American continent.

    And with the (sadly) too few professed Muslims who honestly have professed to promoting some sort of needed “reform”…who would be the closest thing to the mythical moderate muslim out there…I hope we would be open to offering them sanctuary. All others need to do one of two things. Openly profess their breaking away from all other branches of their “faith”… declaring themselves to no longer being a part of any group which overtly or covertly agrees or aligns itself with any group, state, or agency dealing in terror, or the advancement of the Islamic state as traditionally portrayed in their writings/teachings.

    The “Good German” may well have existed during WWII. However, they were too few, and too quiet, to prevent the allies from doing what they had to do. We, as the western world, would do well to remember that, when (if??) we finally take up arms against the real enemy out there.

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