Eighteen Years!

I HAVEN’T been paying a lot of attention to this blog since … well, since Chas. Hill passed, to tell the truth.

Not that there’s a connection, mind…

So I happened to get a note from WP that somebody’d commented on another post and would I please moderate it? (It was spam, but whatever.) And I looked at the front page and noticed — today’s my blogiversary. I’d totally forgotten.

On this day, eighteen years ago, in 2002, I made my first post, in imitation of Glenn Reynolds and Andrew Sullivan in Blogger.

Feel free to celebrated and disport yourselves.

4 responses to “Eighteen Years!

  1. I may have disported too hard. I think I pulled a muscle.

  2. Christopher Hunt

    You aten’t ded.

  3. Hope you continue to show up here often’r than ya been.

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