“Eat the Rich” Will Net You a Tummy Ache

THE WHOLE MOVEMENT on the part of the greedy-handers — the whole tax-the-rich, global tax, steal any pile of money whether nailed down or not
— is going to net some, well… We’re not supposed to use the meme of Unintended Consequences, but maybe we can paraphrase Inigo Montoya and assert that, “You keep pushing this line of action. I don’t think that outcome is going to be what you hope it will be.”

As oppressive and repressive, greedy, overreaching tax regimes get ever-more importunate, “the rich” will resist. At first, their resistance will be passive. They will offshore their wealth in tax havens with banking secrecy. They will try to buy politicians to carve out … well, carve-outs.
They will put their money in mattresses and plaster it up in the walls of their mansions in order to shelter it from greedy thugs in government.

But, as the internationalist kleptocrats keep expanding their reach, keep foreclosing avenues of escape, eventually the calculus of risk, profit and loss will force “the rich” to conclude that the passive resistance is no longer effective, and they will be pushed into … shall we say … coarser? … methods.

And you will begin to see “the rich” calculating that spending money to defend their wealth is now cheaper than paying off the extortioners of the state. And you will begin to see private armies spring up here and there.

They will first appear in Third World hellholes. In fact, I’d bet there probably already are some private militias and insurgent movements (mistakenly type as such by a media more interested in filling in the template and making it to happy hour than actually — you know — doing their jobs) which are, in reality, “rich” men making some attempt to protect their wealth from the predations of the state. But such will eventually spread to more “civilized” climes — from the lawless countries like Sudan, Zimbabwe, and Somalia to solider countries ruled by more-open thugs, such as the Central Asian former Soviet Republics, such as Russia itself, such as various South American thugocracies, such as bandit enclaves around the western Pacific rim, and eventually to the poorer countries in Europe, to South Africa, the empty quarter that Wahabbism has made of the Sahara and the Middle East. Armored limousines, attack helicopters, bulletproof SUV’s on run-flat tires, crewed by muscular military veterans strapped with Uzi’s and Mac-10’s, Mah Deuces mounted in crudely-welded fire rings in the roofs of Jeep Cherokees and Toyota Land Cruisers. Hand- and home-made sniper rifles of incredible precision and outsized firepower.

Grenades, bombs, tanks.

They teach this to beginning writers. They ought to teach it to politicians. People don’t just lie down and take whatever the bad guys (or even the good guys) dish out. They have their own agendae and they will work them until they break.

France is considering a 75% tax on “the rich.” Care to bet what the net-net will be on that?

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