Dollish — that peculiar language invented — usually ad lib and ad hoc — by Dolly and her sisters. A comment over at Sarah’s prompted me to drag this out of storage.

aghastion n. the state of being aghast, also aghastment, aghastation

and-another-thing vt. to argue or harangue by use of repetitive or serial second-thoughts

Bode, Vaughn n. cartoonist of mid-20th Century, whose work was notable for its sarcasm and eroticism mixed with faux-misogyny and extreme physical violence

Boop n. Betty ~. inner ~, what would ~ do, (WWBD) a cartoon character originally created by Max Fleischer, creator of Popeye … Dolly looks upon Betty Boop as a role model see WWBD

Burton, Tim n. motion-picture director and animator of late 20th, early 21st Centuries, noted for dark irony mixed with almost maudlin warmth and affection for his subjects

complify vt. complicate

defensive-line vt. to aggressively jostle a person physically with the aim of moving them, as in American football

desertous adj. desert-like, possessed of desert-like attributes to excess

diction n. sexual intercourse

DNA-ally adv. of or related to DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid)

flabbergastionn. the state of being flabbergasted, also flabbergastment

fuction n. malfunction, vi. to fail in operation, ant. of function

heigh-ho vi. to march single-file in a humorous or ridiculous manner

humongolicious adj. astoundingly large, brobdingnagian

jaw-drop n. expression of amazement characterized by a gaping mouth

left-field vt. to surprise (someone), to come at them out of left field

McKay, Jim n. sportscaster and announcer on ABC television network in mid 20th Century, noted for intense cordiality and affection for the subjects of his interviews

morticiafy vt. mortify, embarrass

Mother Jaguar adj. adv. long-suffering, maternal … ref to Rudyard Kipling’s Just So Stories, “The Beginning of the Armadillos”

pistachio phr. pissed at you … I am aggravated with you.

pistosity n. the state of being pissed or pissed-off

prediction n. sexual foreplay

pajamahadeen • pyjamahedin n. (collective) bloggers … Thinking to denigrate bloggers, their critics frequently characterized them as slackers sitting around in their pajamas. Yet, they have managed to make small and lay low many erstwhile mighty men. (Orig.: blogosphere, unattributed.)

sehr adv. (German) very

simplicate vt. simplify

sitch n. situation

skunt vt. pt of skin … to cause an abrasion of the epidermis

spock vt. ~ an eyebrow … to raise one eyebrow in an expression of inquiry or skepticism, after the manner of Mr. Spock, of the television and motion picture serial, Star Trek

weathery adj. possessed of climatalogical intensity

WWBD acr. What Would Boop Do?


Dolly was hell-bent on passing the gate, and on doing it before the Millennium. But the way was blocked by a wizened Lesser Elf, who spoke in a whiny croak. “Dinna gae in, lass. Folk wha gae in tha dinna come back oot the same!”

“Oh, that’s OK,” Dolly said. “I haven’t been the same for years.” And she plunged on, leaving the bemused Elf in her wake.


Dolly, (watching some babe-fest on TV): What the fuck is it with you guys? Is that all you want from your girlfriends and wives—a life-sized inflatable fuck doll?

Drummond, (laughing): Um… Dolly?

Dolly, (rounding on Drummond with a glare): What?

Drummond: (collapses in laughter)


“People say, ‘Move on. You’ll recover.’ But you never do. What they’re really saying is, ‘Get over it. We’re tired of hearing about it.”

I used to be an expert on — not just going places, but getting somewhere. Now I’m not even sure if I know anything about going somewhere.

That which does not kill us… has made a grave tactical error.

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