Did My First


SOLO MODEL IN modo. It’s a lot easier to work, once you get the metaphor, than 3DS Max and I think, as time goes on, I will not regret making the switch between apps. And, of course, all the experience with 3DS, Bryce, Poser, Carrera, and the brazilian other 3D apps I’ve used over the years will help me pick up concepts in modo. It’s always that way — you already have the concepts, you’re just translating, rather than learning ab initio.

Anyway, this is a ball-and-stick, the basic form, for the testosterone molecule. I need to adjust the length of the stick, I think, and the relative radii of the ball and stick. (Right now, it’s 3:2, but I might have to go 2:1.) I really like the ease with which I can get a bright reflection on the brass surface. It would take me hours messing with lights in 3DS. It took a few clicks in modo. I spent more time spinning the perspective view and zooming in to fill the frame than I did either shading or rendering.

These modern apps! They’re SO FUZZY!

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