Despicable Demagogues

SOMETHING THAT’S RATHER DISGUSTING about the news reports of Andrew Cuomo’s speech the other day is how ordinary and calm they make the thing sound. “The governor called for…” That’s what you took away from it? Man! The governor ranted. The governor roused his rabble. The governor delivered a polemic worthy of Hitler himself — say, at the Nuremberg Rally, (Mike Godwin to the white courtesy telephone. Mike. Godwin.). The governor’s spittle-flecked speech last week effectively called for the abrogation of all civil rights, starting with the right to defend yourself against the government. The man was raving! The man lied through his teeth — or would have, except that his mouth was open so loud for the shouting that his teeth never got close enough for anything to pass through them. They just flat weren’t in the way. All that came out of an un-blocked pie hole.

And then there’s Bill Clinton, who pulled crime stats out of his ass. You could tell from the stink.

And Joe Biden, but who would listen to a tale told by an idiot — except it DOESN’T signify nothing. More’s the pity. But, Joe: it’s not deer you “need” more than ten rounds to hunt. And maybe that’s the point. The crooked pols are running scared because the people would be fully justified in “taking the law into their (our) own hands” and decorating a few pikes. Or lamp-posts. Strange fruit and all that.

Un. Real.

I may be behind the curve, here, but I was given to understand that the so-called “assault rifle” (a .223 caliber plinking gun if there ever were one, but certainly no assault weapon by any expert definition of the term) present at Sandy Hook, a Bushmaster AR-pattern rifle, was found, unused, in the trunk of Lanza’s car, and that the weapons used to massacre all those rendered-defenseless-by-the-state victims were hand guns. Or did I miss something? Oh, no I dit-n’t! (HT: Jesse — thanks, Bro.) Except it apparently wasn’t an AR. Oh, well, fog of war and all that.

If so, then all this ranting and raving, lying and finger-pointing about
— scorn quotes — “assault rifles” is pure, naked opportunism, and doubly despicable for being blood dancing.

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