Depositor Haircuts

OK. THIS IS NO LONGER me preaching sedition. With governments around the world proposing that depositors’ money be stolen — yes, stolen — to prop up failing banks (which fail in part due to inept banking regulators), it is no longer seditious to preach the assassination of importunate government officials. It is now a matter of defense of property. In other words, the prevention of a felony-in-progress. Make no mistake, if the kleptocrats are not reined in — and sharply — no man’s life or property will ever be safe again.

And idiot leftists (BIRM*) wonder why the American Constitution includes the Second Amendment and why it’s so fiercely defended. “Why do you fear your government?” they ask — witlessly. “Because the government does not sufficiently fear the people,” we answer.

*(But I Repeat Myself)

One response to “Depositor Haircuts

  1. Were I the opposition in this conflict, I would love to bring things to just under a simmering boil like we’re experiencing now. It’s just enough to force people to self-identify in a way that can be prosecuted as threatening or inciting. Spare me the “buts.” He’s the Prez and you can talk to the hand, but the hand ain’t got ears and it’ll slap you down hard.

    However that may be, and whether or not I agree with your assessment, I’ll offer for comparison’s sake Gerard’s oft-repeated, “The world is almost always just one bullet away from being saved.”


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