Depositor Haircuts

OK. THIS IS NO LONGER me preaching sedition. With governments around the world proposing that depositors’ money be stolen — yes, stolen — to prop up failing banks (which fail in part due to inept banking regulators), it is no longer seditious to preach the assassination of importunate government officials. It is now a matter of defense of property. In other words, the prevention of a felony-in-progress. Make no mistake, if the kleptocrats are not reined in — and sharply — no man’s life or property will ever be safe again.

And idiot leftists (BIRM*) wonder why the American Constitution includes the Second Amendment and why it’s so fiercely defended. “Why do you fear your government?” they ask — witlessly. “Because the government does not sufficiently fear the people,” we answer.

*(But I Repeat Myself)

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