Dear Senator Portman

WOW! YOU REALLY know how to give a guy a bad case of buyer’s remorse.

I remember when you were a freshman Congressman and came down to join the first TEA Party by the river, ‘way back in ’93, when we were fighting against the Clinton tax increases. A lot of us believed that you could be a stalwart for liberty. And, whenever you ran for office, we voted for you. And, when you got sucked into the bureaucracy or an administration and we lost our representative, we cheered for you anyway.

Because, you know, we thought we could trust that you knew and believed in the Constitution and your oath of office.

More the fools we.

Internet sales taxes? Really? Did you miss Article I, Section 9? Did you really not understand that, case law notwithstanding, it was intended to obviate the very actions you voted for in the Senate this past week?

I’m sorry, Senator. Over the years, you’ve managed to trim your sails and skirt the edges of unconstitutionality, and you’ve offered rationales that were believable, if still somewhat suspect. But this is the last straw.

The saying goes: “Fool me once, shame on you…” In these days, you don’t get to fool us twice.

I’ll be supporting and voting for your opponent in your next primary battle. And I’ll be urging others to do the same.

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