Comity Go Hell

A CALLER TO GARY-JEFF WALKER (sitting in for Brian Thomas) on the WKRC Morning Show last Thursday (it’s on I Heart Radio, BTW, so you non-Cincinnatians can listen to it live) was trying to castigate Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA — warning: link takes you to a filthy statist crony-ist government web site) while simultaneously trying to sound reasonable and stipulating that “They may have started out wanting to do good things…” or words to that effect.

As far as I am concerned, this is morally equivalent to Marge Schott’s, “Hitler started out good but went bad” gaffe of a few years back. We really need to stop ascribing positive motives to leftists. They don’t have them. The entire rotten edifice of the Left is founded in bad faith and ill intent and there is no need — or any benefit or propriety — to pretend otherwise. We know they lie. So why do we trust them when they claim good motives?

Section 8 used slum clearance as a stalking horse, but it was more about afflicting landlords than it was about comforting slum dwellers. After all, if the poor were to be lifted from their plight, who would the rabble rousers rouse? Wouldn’t that be a case of “1-2-3, where’s your power base?” Trying to pretend that a despicable practice grew out of altruism when it did no such thing only weakens your attack against the practice itself. Stop it.

It should be clear to one and all by now that the Left has nothing to offer America or humanity and should be stomped out wherever it raises its ugly head. We need to make it clear that the way, the truth, and the light is through individual liberty and self-reliance — that government, far from being the, a, or ANY solution to problems is the CAUSE of all of them.

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