Clue fer Publishers

I’M A BIG FAN OF the Dresden Files. Hell, of Jim Butcher in general. Been waiting a new release with bated breath every year since Jim first announced that his Dresden Files novel had sold to publishers back on the Online Writers Workshop. And, every year, I see that the book is available only in hardback on first release. (The MMPB will be along in a year or so.) Well, now, this year, in hardback and Kindle editions. So it seems the publishers have gotten part of the message. But they still don’t have the book coming out in mass market paperback for a year after the initial release. They say that’s because they don’t want the MMPB cannibalizing hardback sales. And, I guess they have large and complex spreadsheets that demonstrates. Conclusively. That that’s exactly what happens. (But, still, they can’t give an author an accurate accounting of sales numbers, so you wonder how they know the other thing.)

But I’m here to tell you. Guys. That, with me at least — and I’m sure I’m far from unique — you’re not preserving your hardback sales, you’re leaving money on the table. Get this: I. Do. Not. Buy. Hardbacks. Period. End of discussion.

If you want my money, you’ve gotta give me my pocket book.

Oh, and BTW. A Dollar less than a hardback for the eBook? What? Are? You? Smoking? !!

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2 responses to “Clue fer Publishers

  1. The only time I ever buy a hardback is when I can get it cheaper than the paperback. I have had this happen a couple times on amazon.

  2. I’m not usually driven one way or the other over the issue of binding. My motivator is usually price, and yeah, paperbacks are usually cheaper than hard-bound. Once in a while though… I’ll catch a great deal at the bookshop for a hard-bound. Then again, I bought a collection of Lovecraft stories about 5 years ago, hard-bound. I do believe that was the first time I’d ever paid more than twenty dollars for a book. Will probably be the last time, but … I had to have it? 😀

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