Click; Done

FORGET ABOUT EDWARD Snowden and stop trying to distract us with him. This is what is material: is there an ongoing program as described? It is unlawful; stop. Click; done.

2 responses to “Click; Done

  1. This actually just goes to prove Snowden’s point more. So many with false security clearances and clearances that aren’t complete have ACCESS to the information that they say is so safe. This is why the government should NOT ever be trusted with our communications records.

  2. Jesse, I think you miss the point. We DONT trust the government with our information, never did, all the way back to the fourth ammendent. The phrase “…secure in their papers against unreasonable searches and seizures…” was not intended to protect the physical paper, but the information placed upon it. The program before us now is no different than if the USPS disclosed they opened, scanned, copied and stored every bit of mail passing through their hands, all while saying “Trust us, we’re not going to abuse it”. The program is already a violation of the 4th.

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