But Ya Know

THE MORE I HEAR folks Left and Right attack Mr.Newt with memes and themes that stink of the parlor pink, the more I am persuaded that my own doubts come from the same place, and I become ever-surer that he MAY be our guy this year.

Almost every attack — such as the ones mounted in the comments here, at PowerLine, looks to me like, when the facts are actually unspooled back to the origin of the smears — as Rush puts it — are actually resumé enhancers, rather than cause for hesitation. David Bonior lodged ethical complaints? Do you remember Bonior’s behavior in the run-up to OIF? Resumé enhancer. Elliott Abrams misremembers a speech from 1988 in which Gingrich, in essence, urged the administration to get back to its own roots? Elliott Abrams? Do you know anything about country club blueblood RINOs? Resumé enhancer. George Will doesn’t think Newt can win? Come ON. give me a freakin’ break. Resumé enhancer.

The louder the liberals get in trying to persuade We in the Right out here in Flyover Country that Newt ain’t the one, the better he comes off.

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