Browser Wars

AFTER A YEAR OR SO ON FIREFOX I’m back on Opera. Firefox was just getting too bloated and slow and has a habit of locking up the system. Now, this might just be symptomatic of a system run too long. They all accrue cruft and encrust barnacles as time goes on. You’d think by now that developer best practices would include tools to prevent this. But… no. So. ::shrug. We switch periodically.

5 responses to “Browser Wars

  1. I’ve had good results from Chrome, though all the popular browsers seem to lock up now and then.

  2. Although it can sometimes seem like refusing to do business with the law of gravity, I try to avoid Google when I can. Google being evil and all.


  3. The only problems I have with Firefox all seem to be related to flash. Flash tends to crash fairly regularly.

  4. Well, lookee here. For the longest time, in Firefox, the first book in my Library Thing thing was shifted down and to the right by 50%, making the whole thing wonky-looking. In Opera, it works perfectly. This kidn of thing can aggravate one’s OCD, iffen ya knowwhatImean.

    Now I have to figure out why Bobbi X’s always looks fine in both browsers, but mine doesn’t.


  5. Flash seems to succumb (you can’t tell me this word isn’t related to “suck”) even more often than Firefox itself, suggesting that the whole is even less than the sum of its parts.

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