Broke 90

THOUSAND, THAT IS. Words, that is. The official Project count for It’s Dolly’s Birthday now stands at 90,069 words. I had sent a partial MS to my First Reader earlier that had a count of 89,000-odd, but that was filled with a lot of notes and blind alleys. Things are much more solid, now

I spent the bulk of the three-day weekend at the computer, and most of that time organizing the MS. I now have the timeline pretty firmly established up to 5/6 of the way through Part III. Each scene has a title embedded, as well as a timeline entry at the top. I have also cleaned up the plot outline, killing off myriad false starts and rationalizing the order of scenes and the flow of the narrative.

In terms of the actual narrative itself, I have very nearly finished off the early parts with Drummond and company, and gotten Dolly and Tiko through the Iron Gates. There is one chapter left to flesh out in Part III.

Next, I have to write Pete’s journey across Yropes in pursuit of Dolly.

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