Bob Owens: What You’ll See in the Rebellion

A CLEARER AND MORE CONCISE precis of the nearly inevitable results of a lawless regime, showing blatant disregard — indeed, contempt — for true constitutional law, the rights of the people, and the legitimate limits on government power, I have not seen recently.

Bob Owens (I originally misspelled it “Ownes”. Perhaps truer than I knew?): What You’ll See in the Rebellion.

See, this is what a lot of people In the Right know is coming, fear to see arrive, but despair of forestalling, because the Obamas and the Feinsteins and the Schumers simply Will. Not. Stop. The tighter the would-be tyrants ratchet down the screws, the more inevitable this kind of scenario becomes. But have tyrants ever taken the warning of what happened to Mussolini or Ceausescu?

Take it as a cautionary tale, to be forwarded to as many in government as can be reached. And pray enough of them heed the warning.

2 responses to “Bob Owens: What You’ll See in the Rebellion

  1. You are precisely correct to focus on Bummer and the Senators. Few people are aware of how our Constitution honors treaties above our Bill of Rights (or anything else in the Constitution for that matter).

    Look for Harry Reid to pull a fast one. It takes as few as 34 votes by a rump Senate (and maybe less if he really doesn’t even care to come close to a quorum) for the Senate to ratify a treaty. Thus those who think the Small Arms Treaty is dead had better think again.

    It behooves us to keep a constant ear to the ground and alert whomever we believe to be reliable senators to get their butts over to the upper chamber.

    Not only that. Those of us who have access to the various “reliable” senators need to check the communications ahead of time. Make sure we have a backup. And should that day come, and one or more of those senators proves to be unreliable, and later tries to pull their practiced and polished “plausible deniability” routine, those who need to know will know who they are.

  2. i have said this since forever. Nerve, and its’ resulting inspiration to overcome the ennui, is all that has been lacking. I, of course, will be publicly unaware of any such thing. But, we’re at gen5 on students. They’re way better than me. “The Secretary will disavow….”.

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